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We are the most influential and the largest Chinese media group based in Europe, with 6 offices in Europe: France, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and one office in China: Beijing.

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We have extensive experience of working with clients – both in the UK and in China – from diverse industries, including luxury goods, medicine, education, retail, fashion, food, real estate, government, technology, finance, etc. We work closely with different Chinese communities, Chinese and domestic media, Chinese influencers as well as government organisations.

Our goal is to facilitate and transform the communication between China and the UK, connecting you with Chinese consumers through both digital and offline strategies. Our expertise and specialisms allow us to see the bigger picture to identify opportunities for leverage and to solve existing challenges, to add value to your business and bring effective results. Through our multi-media channels, well-established audience base and deep cultural understanding of Chinese audiences, we help you understand Chinese consumers’ behaviours and preferences in order to connect with them.

Our Platforms

Nouvelles d’Europe Newspaper UK Edition and Chinese News Website (

Wechat Page UKZone: Our ‘Mr. Panda’ (panda icon), a key influencer, is most popular with the Chinese community in the UK

China Minutes Website ( and Facebook Page

Nouvelles d’Europe Newspaper UK Edition

Over 35

years in-depth media experience


Weekly Circulation


Available cities across the UK, working closely with domestic and international media.

Over 80

Distribution points, including Chinese supermarkets and restaurants in the UK

Our UK edition is a 28-page, A3 size Chinese newspaper with a weekly circulation of 35,000 copies. It is widely available in 21 cities across the UK as well as Northern Ireland. Distribution points include over 80 Chinese supermarkets and restaurants in the UK. It is also available to pick up at Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, major airlines from China to the UK, the UK Chinese embassy, the Visa Centre, Chinese banks and enterprises, luxury hotels, travel agencies and other similar organisations. We are also the only Chinese newspaper to work with The Telegraph and The Economist 1843 in translating and publishing two pages in our UK edition newspaper in Europe.

Our Chinese news website aims to deliver official Chinese and European Chinese news, offering an in-depth focus on China with leading columnists on culture, politics, economics and history for readers. The readers of our website are from Chinese communities, business people who live in Europe, as well as people who are interested in European news.

We are also the Chinese media partner with 2019 Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit and 2019 World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, which will be held in London. Many of the largest companies and most influential entrepreneurs from China and Europe will attend the event. If you would like to learn more about how to participate, please contact us.

WeChat Subscription Page: UKZone




Views of our most read article

Our WeChat Subscription Page UKZone has nearly half a million followers (around 30% are UK-based Chinese audience) and our most read article has over more than 4,000,000 views. We are solid and efficient in rendering our content, organising creative and innovative events and engaging in intimate and cordial interactions with our followers.

English Website and Facebook Page:
China Minutes


Facebook Followers

Over 100,000

Views of our best video content

Our English website China is committed to delivering the latest Chinese news on culture, science, technology and entertainment to the English audience in the UK. Our Facebook page China Minutes has more than 30,000 followers and the best video content has reached over 100,000 views.

Event Planning and Management Team:
UK Cultural Centre

Our event planning and management team UK Cultural Centre have organised a number of large-scale Chinese projects in the UK, including media conferences, business conferences, fashion events, cultural performances, art exhibitions, business exchange activities, sightseeing activities, short courses and more.

We also help brands organise tailored events combined with online-to-offline strategies to engage with potential audiences.

Our Media Partners

We work closely with mainstream Chinese media organisations both in the UK and in China, also collaborate with Chinese communities in the UK such as different Chinese Chamber of Commerces, large Chinese enterprises, travel agencies, clubs and societies etc.

China Minutes Media Partner
China Minutes Media Partner
China Minutes Media Partner
China Minutes Media Partner
China Minutes Media Partner
China Minutes Media Partner
China Minutes Media Partner
China Minutes Media Partner
China Minutes Media Partner
China Minutes Media Partner
China Minutes Media Partner
China Minutes Media Partner