‘Who’s Still Standing’ is one of the most famous and popular TV programmes of head-to-head trivia battles in China. In order to recruit Chinese contestants from universities around the world, we were appointed to plan and deliver the marketing campaign among Chinese communities in the UK. We have also launched an online campaign of the ‘Top 10 overseas Chinese students’ to promote this TV programme and marketing campaign.


  • Around 370,000 participants have been involved in our online campaign, and 10 overseas students were invited to the launch event of ‘Who’s Still Standing’ at the University of Oxford.
  • Over 100 students and oversea Chinese elites attended the launch event
  • The online streaming of this event also gained over 10,000 views on Huajiao, the top 5 live streaming platform in China.

If you would like to know more details and participate in this event this year, please contact us.

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