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With over 35 years UK & China marketing experience and wide resources, we will make sure your brand massage is amplified, connecting you with targeted Chinese consumers with successful tangible results.

Chinese PR

Our close partnerships with key Chinese media, KOLs (Key Opinion Leader), influencers and Chinese communities enables us to drive media coverage, influence perceptions and amplify your brand message even further.

Copywriting and Translation

Being top journalists ourselves, we know how to write to resonate with target audiences. We are the only Chinese media platform in Europe which works with The Telegraph and The Economist 1843 in delivering Chinese content, so we know how to do it right.

Content Strategy

Content is critical but relevance is the key. We help you to create the unique brand content and value which can truly connect with the Chinese customers.

Event Sponsorships / Brand Partnerships

Relevant event sponsorships can boost your brand visibility and awareness while reaching an engaged and targeted Chinese consumers' group. Check our distinct opportunities in place!

Event Management and Planning

We deliver bespoke full-service event packages for our clients, including industry guests/consumers’ invitations, online campaigns and Chinese media relationship management.

Chinese Social media Management

There are around one billion daily active Chinese users on WeChat. As a vital social media channel to have, we can help you target and reach Chinese audiences effectively.

Media Buying

With our influential WeChat account UKZone, with 480,000 + followers, and a newspaper with a weekly distribution of over 35,000, covering 21 cities in the UK, we help brands to reach potential audiences, with proven results.

Advertising and Platform Promotion

With our influential WeChat account UKZone with 480,000 + followers and Newspaper with weekly 35,000 distribution covering 21 cities in the UK, we help brand reach the potential audience with proved results.

Influencer Marketing

We work with Chinese influencers from different fields. We help brands create a tailored strategy to work with influencers via online and offline channels in authentic and engaging ways.

Inbound Marketing

With in-depth understanding of Chinese consumer behaviours and their buying journeys, we know the best on when, how and where to engage them.

SEO & Digital Marketing

With our extensive experience in unique Chinese searching marketing environments, we can help to promote your brand, gaining the greatest exposure.

Why Choose Us

China Minutes – Powered by Nouvelles d’Europe UK Office

Nouvelles d’Europe is the most influential and largest Chinese media group in Europe. With over 35 years in-depth media and marketing experience, we have a wealth of Chinese media and networking resources at our disposal. Whether you plan to enter and develop the Chinese market, or reach and engage overseas Chinese communities, enterprises, consumers, students or tourists alike in the UK, we can help you understand Chinese consumers’ behaviours and preferences in order to connect with them. We do this by having first-hand information about our followers.

Our Newspaper UK edition: a weekly circulation of 35,000 copies is available in 21 cities across the UK and Ireland. We publish authoritative and in-depth articles, and work closely with the Chinese and international media titles across different fields. We are also the only Chinese Newspaper who works with The Telegraph and The Economist 1843 to deliver Chinese content in Europe.

Well-established Audience Base and Deep Cultural Understanding of Chinese Consumers

Our WeChat (UKZone) account, has more than 480,000 followers (around 30% of whom are UK-based Chinese), and achieved more than 4,000,000 views for the best content. We work with clients from diverse fields – successfully creating tailored online campaigns and offline events for our clients to increase their brand awareness and connect with target audiences.

High Credibility and Influential Online Platform

Delivering official news to Chinese communities in the UK, We produce high-quality content/news that resonates with Chinese audiences. As we have first-hand knowledge of the Chinese community, we understand their needs, thoughts and behaviours.

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